Recent Highlights…

August 31st, 2011

Check out these excellent technology and entrepreneurship stories:

- Tech company started by teenagers sells for $100M - learn more

- Tech companies dominate the World's Most Innovative Companies published by Forbes Magazine - learn more

- Many Utah companies make the 2011 Inc 5000 "Fastest Growing Companies" list - sort by state

- There's never been a better job market for software engineers - read this whole article

- After passing MIT of Boston last year, University of Utah continues to be the #1 research university in "Technology Commercialization" - learn more

Parents enjoy Hi-Tech High’s program

August 15th, 2011

Here are just a few samples of the many great comments we receive from parents (and students):

1) Hi-Tech High parents respond to a great Daily Herald article:  Read more

2)  "My kids LOVE their Hi Tech High courses!  Thank you for providing such wonderful opportunities for the children in this community!!!  Thanks so much!  Our family has been with Hi-Tech High for two years and has been so blessed because of it."

3) "We are a household of entrepreneurs, with four growing boys all interested in robotics, inventing, and engineering.  We are very excited to have found your program."

4) Read this actual letter sent to her friends by a mom with three participating children:

"Many of you know we have been homeschooling our children for many years.  In addition to studying the classics I have always felt that it would be advantageous to have my children become very adept at technology and be part of the young generation of entrepreneurs that invent the next Facebook or Ooma phone.  So two years ago, we signed up for courses with a new online technology program for teens called Hi-Tech High. 

This year with the passage of Senate Bill 65, funding has now been approved for all students in Utah (Government or Public, Charter, and Homeschool) ages 10-18 to take at least 2 classes online. For those with children in a public school this means that your children could spend more time at home doing online classes instead of all day away at school.  Some of you may like that?!
All combined [my three children] have taken courses in game design I and II, graphic arts, web design, google ad words certification, basic programming, entrepreneurship I, digital photography and graphics, audio engineering, and computer aided design.  Along with these technology courses they also had a variety of core classes online that helped them with math, english, and fine arts.  The most exciting part for them was getting their own laptops and other technology and software to keep and aid their learning.
How much did this cost us out of pocket?  Zero!  Hi-Tech High (HTH) is an online charter program so just like any government funded school, the state pays for it with your tax money.  And with changes this year Hi-Tech High recommends many fabulous online schools that you can take classes from (eg Williamsburg Academy, BYU Independent Study, and more).  If you tailor your own class at home, they will allow you to purchase up to $150 in books, supplies, tuition fees for each core class that you can design to fit your child's needs.  So some of our classes will be on-site at a Commonwealth School in West Jordan.  The $150 per class reimbursement will help to cover costs of tuition, books, and supplies. A great benefit to our family!
I wanted to share this with you so you could take advantage of this opportunity if you choose to.  If you study this out and decide to do this, please tell them that Shauna referred you.  I hope that many of you will take this opportunity and go forward.  It has really helped my children become tech savvy and I can't say enough good about Hi-Tech High.  If you have been involved with Harmony Ed and decide to switch to Hi-Tech High, even if you signed up this year, you are considered a returning student and qualify for $400 technology allowance.  Hi-Tech High will help you with switching over and taking care of the paperwork.
Please forward on to others who you think may be interested; this opportunity is too good to miss.  Aloha, Shauna"

Salt Lake City is one of world’s best for business

July 14th, 2011

July 13, 2011 – Salt Lake City is one of two U.S. cities making Fortune magazine's list of the world's 15 hottest up-and-coming cities for business…  Fortune cited Salt Lake City's low tax rates and low-cost utilities as a reason for the ranking.  The magazine also noted start-ups emerging from the University of Utah, and a recent study pointing to Salt Lake City's workforce as the most productive in the nation.  Read more from Business Week…

Engineering talent worth $1M?

July 9th, 2011

The hi-tech industry continues to create high-demand for top engineering talent and Utah continues to attract market leadering tech companies.  Take a look:

March 2011Silicon Valley Hiring Perks: Meals, iPads and a Cubicle for Spot  “…The atmosphere is brutally competitive,” said Keith Rabois, a Silicon Valley veteran and chief operating officer at Square, where Mr. Firestone works. “Recruiting in Silicon Valley is more competitive and intense and furious than college football recruiting of high school athletes…”  NY Times

April 2011Fastest growing jobs in 2018 "…Hi-tech jobs are predicted to be in the Top 5 opportunties in 2018 – just in time for today's 7th graders." Utah State Board of Education

May 2011For Buyers of Web Start-Ups, Quest to Corral Young Talent  "…Engineers are worth $1/2M to $1M,” said Vaughan Smith, Facebook’s director of corporate development, who has helped negotiate many of the 20 or so talent acquisitions made by Facebook in the last four years."  NY Times

May 2011Utah passes 5 bills increasing the focus on science, technology and innovation  "…Utah working hard to remain an international leader in technology commercialization…"  Utah

June 2011EMC to bring 700 new technology jobs to Utah "…We're posting the jobs this week and will begin to start hiring immediately," said Vance Checketts, vice president of support services for EMC Corp."  Deseret News

July/August 2011Utah educational events for entrepreneurs preparing to pitch to investors  "…Come hear mentored presentations, listen to the critique given to them by Angel investors, then socialize with fellow entrepreneurs and investors."  Venture

Facebook, Microsoft and Hi-Tech High

March 31st, 2011

Here are 2 quick items you might find interesting today:

1) Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Time Magazine's Person of the Year, recently spoke at BYU.  As Hi-Tech High is involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship at BYU to help our tech-savvy students become successful entrepreneurs, we thought you might be interested in a summary of his comments posted here.

2) Microsoft has invited any teenage girl involved with Hi-Tech High to attend their free "DigiGirlz" event on May 4, 2011.  There are limited spots available, so if you're interested, please fill out this form (Digi-Girlz Waiver 4May11) and scan/email it to me or fax it to 1-636-794-9409.