Utah Residents

A tuition-free, public school program for students (ages 6-18) who live in Utah.

My Tech High – a Program within Public Schools

Using a model that’s been successfully implemented in many other states for years, My Tech High partners with innovative, accredited public schools to offer a personalized, tuition-free, distance education program for students ages 6 – 18.

All students are full-time, virtual students enrolled in one of these 3 innovative public schools:

  • Gateway Preparatory Academy in Cedar City (visit site)
  • American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork (full for 2014-15)
  • Provo eSchool in Provo School District (visit site)

All program requirements, details, schedules, courses, testing, student records, credits, IEPs, etc. are subject to the approval of the 3 partner schools.

Once accepted into the program and all enrollment paperwork has been submitted, parents work with our Utah Certified teachers and scheduling coordinators to define a highly personalized education plan for their child.


Utah Core Curriculum and Utah-Certified Teachers:

As required by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE), all students are provided access to curriculum which maps directly to the Utah Core Curriculum Standards in the four main subject areas and are supported by Utah-certified teachers:

      • Math
      • English
      • Science
      • Social Studies

Additional Educational Resources:

Students can also receive additional resources as part of a personalized schedule from a variety of providers below:

      • Rosetta Stone Online
      • ALEKS Math
      • BYU Independent Study
      • K12 Virtual with Provo eSchool
      • FuelEd/Aventa Learning by K12
      • CompassLearning Odyssey
      • Edgenuity
      • Edmentum – Reading Eggs
      • Lynda.com or TeamTreehouse.com or Pluralsight.com
      • APEX Learning
      • Utah Electronic High School
      • Williamsburg Intermediate (see details)
      • Williamsburg Academy (see details)
      • Onsite LEMI – full program (see details)
      • Utah Tech Courses hosted in Canvas (including weekly, live “Tech Talks”)
      • Early College Credit options (see details)
      • Onsite, dual enrollment with local district school (some restrictions apply)
      • Additional options also include various other providers, curriculum, supplies, and tutoring based on the needs of the individual child.

Additional Information:

    • All program requirements are subject to change at any time due to new state laws or rule changes.
    • Students are required to participate in all state tests (see additional details).
    • All students need their own email address (see videos for help with email accounts for youth)
    • Students interested in earning a high school diploma need to meet regularly with a school counselor to ensure all graduation requirements are met (see list and remember that Utah specifically now requires Secondary Math I, II, III)
    • Students may participate in extra-curricular activities in local school
    • Students earn official public school credit for all courses on their schedule
    • To maintain program flexibility, all grades are either Pass or Fail (0.0 GPA)
    • Calendar follows the standard public school schedule (Aug-May)
    • Students are required to have a computer, high-speed internet, and a webcam for which a Technology Allowance (up to $300/year) is provided

Important Note:  All materials, curriculum, technology are considered property of the public school of enrollment and must be returned (and all reimbursements repaid) if a student fails to adhere to all program requirements and/or withdraws at any time prior to the end of the school year.

Utah Program – FAQs

Is My Tech High a Public Charter / District School or a Private School?

Neither. We are a program that operates within existing public schools.

Will my courses appear on a transcript and count toward a high school diploma?

Yes – those enrolled in our full-time Utah program are virtual students of a Public School.  As such, all courses will appear on an official transcript from that school as either a Pass / Fail grade.  In order to earn a full diploma, you’ll need to meet with the School Counselor (in-person or on the phone) to ensure you have all the credits required.  Also, all full-program students must participate in the mandatory year-end state tests.

Why doesn't My Tech High give letter grades instead of Pass / Fail?

We believe STRONGLY in personalized education and providing flexible resources to help every student enjoy their learning experience.  Granting letter grades would limit our program’s flexibility and force children to navigate artificial grade distinctions.  We have concluded that this subjective and stressful approach would contradict our goal of inspiring our students to gain a true love of learning for life.

Do you ever have face-to-face events?

Yes. We usually schedule monthly field trips as well as a Mid-Year Student Showcase Family Night where students and their families share favorite projects of the year. Showcase Nights are one of the most enjoyable moments of the year.