My Tech High – Utah program

Using a model that's been successfully implemented in many other states for years, My Tech High partners with innovative, accredited public schools to offer a personalized, tuition-free, distance education program for ages 6 – 18.


All students are full-time, virtual students enrolled in one of these 3 innovative public schools:


  • Gateway Preparatory Academy in Cedar City (visit site)
  • American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork (visit site)
  • Provo eSchool in Provo School District (visit site)

All program requirements, details, schedules, courses, testing, student records, credits, IEPs, etc. are subject to the approval of the 3 partner schools (see applicable Utah Laws).


Acceptance letters will be emailed out by end of April.  Once accepted into the program and all enrollment paperwork has been submitted, parents work with our Utah Certified teachers and scheduling coordinators to define a highly personalized education plan for their child.

I.  Design a year-long, personalized schedule with 6 classes (see Utah Standards)

  • Homeroom:  Supplemental Resources, discussion forums, learning logs, test prep, etc.
  • Period 2:  Math
  • Period 3:  English / Language Arts
  • Period 4:  Science or Social Studies
  • Period 5:  Tech or Entrepreneurship (see tech catalog)
  • Period 6:  Elective (i.e. another Core or Tech, Fine Arts, World Language, or P.E.)
  • OPTIONAL - Period 7:  Reimbursement amount deducted from technology allowance
  • Note:  Students in grade 9-12 may change Electives in Period 6 for 2nd Semester

II.  Choose any combination of your preferred curriculum sources

  • My Tech High Direct:  Cost of the course is paid directly by My Tech High, including:
    • Some dual enrollment / onsite class options are available for grades 7 – 12
    • Reading Eggs (parent-led)
    • or (parent-led)
    • Leadership Education Academy (teacher-led)
    • Rosetta Stone Online
    • BYU Independent Study (High School and University catalog)
    • Williamsburg Intermediate (teacher-led see details)
    • Williamsburg Academy (teacher-led see details)
    • Edmentum / PLATO (parent-led grades 6-12)
    • APEX Learning (parent-led grades 6-12)
    • Utah Electronic High School (teacher-led grades 9-12)
    • ALEKS Math (parent-led for grades 3-12)
    • K12 Virtual (teacher-led in grades 1-5)
    • Aventa Learning by K12 (see parent-led course list for grades 6-12)
    • CompassLearning Odyssey (see parent-led sample courses for grades 1-12)
    • Edgenuity (teacher-led for grades 7-12)
    • Courses hosted in Canvas (including weekly, live "Tech Talks")
  • 3rd Party Provider:  Tuition is paid by parent and reimbursed
    • Course must be available/affordable for the general public
    • Must be a group course and include a live instructor
    • Secular courses only
    • Website must be provided prior to approval
    • Examples include Early College Credit, City Rec programs, Fine Arts classes, etc.
    • Up to $300/course/year for tuition only - reimbursable starting Oct. 15 (see form)
  • Custom-built:  Learning resources are purchased by parent and reimbursed
    • Examples include textbooks, literature books, Science lab equipment, Math learning manipulatives, workbooks, online subscriptions, etc.
    • One-to-one private tutoring (to a non-family member) is approved for Custom-built courses
    • Secular resources only
    • Submit a general course description for approval
    • Up to $150/course/year – reimbursable starting Oct. 15 (see form)

III.  Demonstrate active participation throughout the year

  • Submit Weekly Learning Logs summarizing progress in each course (see sample)
  • Submit Weekly Attendance Record confirming active participation in each course
  • Participate in Study Island (a test prep program provided to all students)
  • Attend Weekly Live "Tech Talks" with teachers and students (as needed)
  • Build a portfolio-of-work of best student projects (mid-year and end-of-year)
  • Complete all required state tests: DIBELS and SAGE (as listed here)
  • Testing accommodations may be available to students with an active IEP or 504 plan
  • OPTIONAL - Attend a mid-year Student Showcase Nights and other field trips

IV.  Additional Information

  • Calendar, Grades and Credits
    • If needed, additional credits may be earned through Utah Electronic High School
    • Students interested in earning a high school diploma need to meet regularly with a school counselor to ensure all graduation requirements are met (see list)
    • Note:  Utah specifically now requires Secondary Math I, II, III for graduation
    • Students may participate in extra-curricular activities in local school
    • Students have access to Utah Certified Teachers / Online Mentors for all subjects
    • Students earn official public school credit for all courses on their schedule
    • To maintain program flexibility, all grades are either Pass or Fail
    • Calendar follows the standard public school schedule (Sept-May)
  • Homeroom Supplemental Resources for Students
    • Study Island – an online test prep program for end-of-year exams
    • BrainPop – animated online video-based curriculum across all subject areas
    • Timez Attack – a 3D game to practice key Math skills
    • Monitored Canvas Discussion Forums – safely connecting students with peers
    • Utah Write – online writing practice
    • – extensive library of OER lesson plans and curriculum resources
    • Reading Eggs – available to students struggling with key Reading skills (per DIBELS)
  • Tech Allowance
    • New students receive $300/year; Returning students receive $400/year
    • Put towards a laptop, printer, digital camera, tech gadgets, etc.
    • Use for lab equipment, eBooks, and other educational resources
    • Follow the Request for Reimbursement process starting Nov. 15 (see form)
    • For those in the full Williamsburg Intermediate program, the Tech Allowance is 50%
    • For those taking Robotics I, $150 will be applied toward the LEGO Mindstorms kit
    • For Robotics II: If you don't have a kit already, $300 will be applied.
    • Entrepreneurship students may apply for $150 "Seed Funding" (ask for details)
  • Reimbursable Required Software
    • Some courses require Windows-based software (Mac users may adapt, as needed)
    • For the Game Designer course, purchase the $25 software here
    • For the Cartoon Animation course, purchase the Flip Boom All-Star software here
    • Follow the Request for Reimbursement process starting Oct. 15 (see form)

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